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2012 San Diego Comic Con – Part II

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STATUS: Heading out the door in 15 minutes. I’m doing the interview for Spotlight on Gail Carriger!
What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Adele
Gail Carriger and I –washed in color at the Hilton Bayfront. 
Sara’s client Jason Hough and his Del Rey Editor Michael Braff
Gail right after her Witty Women in Steampunk panel. 
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  1. SC Author said:

    I LOVE Adele! Just thought I’d say that after reading your iPod song 🙂 I was hoping to see (on TV) some lit agents like yourself at the Con, but I couldn’t see anyone 🙁

  2. Richmond said:

    thanks for the question. The most comomn reason I reject a manuscript it that the writing doesn’t resonate with me. This is a highly subjective business. And there is no way to predict what will work or what will take when the book makes it out into the world. So I really have to fall madly in love with a book in order to represent it. Falling in love with a book also makes me the biggest champion of the book, and helps me to get editors excited about the work.