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2012 San Diego Comic Con – Part III

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STATUS: The best part of comic con!
What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? nothing as I’m heading out. 

Getting into the Firefly panel!
And standing under the 50 foot Hall banner for Marie Lu’s Legend! (Yes, I’m the tiny figure under it.)


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  1. twittertales said:

    It seems like all my online peeps are at Comicon. How is it I’m half a world away?

    And then, to make matters betterworse, one of my best friends here in Canberra is represented there too – he’s designed a computer game and the trailer is showing at Comicon. Given the tentacle-like reach of Comicon, it’s appropriate that the game is called “Little Cthulhu”. Still insanely jealous. . .

    Louise Curtis

  2. sarawriteserotica said:

    Lucky duck!! I wish I could have been to the Firefly reunion, man I’ve been devouring every picture I can find on that panel!! Love the pics, more plz?!

    Sara Fawkes

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