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San Diego Comic Con – The Latest Shiny Promotional Venue

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There is no doubt in my mind that Comic Con in San Diego is the shiny new conference that all writers want to attend. I get it. It’s a blast. Geek Chic. Fandom over great shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones. Honest to goodness movie stars. Fabulous parties (I’m still lamenting that I didn’t get to go to the Entertainment Weekly one.)

What’s not to like? You can even buy some funny, cool, and geek insider T-Shirts.

But is it necessarily the best promotional venue for a writer?

Jury might still be out on that but here’s my thinking. If your book has an obvious connection to the fan base that attends, I’d say yes, it’s a worthwhile promotional venue for an author.

Gail Carriger is a great example. She writes steampunk fantasy and also has a graphic novel equivalent of her popular The Parasol Protectorate series.

Her publisher, Orbit, had a full-size paper cut-out of graphic novel Alexia Tarabotti in their booth. Here I am standing with it. 

And fans even come dressed up as Gail’s characters for her autograph signings.

I can safely say that her fan base is present at this Con in full force.

Same would hold true for Marie Lu and her Legend Trilogy. Since there is a video game in the works below is a sneak peek), she had lots of fans at this event.

As an author, ask yourself. Do fans who love my books love all things geek that can be found at San Diego Comic Con? If the answer is yes, then this shiny venue is a good fit. If it’s not, I wouldn’t recommend it even though it’s the latest “hot” thing.


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  1. Kristin Laughtin said:

    I have discovered some of my favorite writers, including Gail Carriger, Kevin J. Anderson, Mira Grant, Alma Katsu, and more, through Comic-Con. It’s a great place for readers to discover new authors! Like you said, though, it’ll be more effective for people whose work has some sort of connection with the types of things Comic-Con attendees are into. This doesn’t necessarily mean there has to be a video game or graphic novel tie-in. Author panels are well-attended, and I think books with a more science fiction or fantasy or other geeky bent are likely to be well-received. Genre fiction is a go! I can’t imagine sweeping Civil War epics or dry political commentary would do *as* well there. (Although there is a large contingent of historical costumers who might be interested… Comic-Con is so big now that there’s likely to be someone interested in any given topic!)

  2. mbeougher said:

    I have never been to SDCC, but I think DragonCon is a great convention for writers. I’ve met some of my new favorite authors there, like Kalanya Price, Jana Oliver, and Cinda Williams Chima, to name a few. I’ve also gotten to meet authors that I’ve loved forever like Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, and Mercedes Lackey, again to name just a few.

    A side comment: I was very excited when I saw Gail Carriger’s name on the guest list and disappointed that she had to cancel. I would love to meet her in the future.

  3. Dale Ivan Smith said:

    Great post! When I heard Gail Carriger would be attending SDCC I knew she’d be a great fit, her steampunk novels are a great fit for that convention. FWIW I agree that for the right author SDCC (or Dragon*con) would be great promotion.

  4. A. M. Perkins said:

    I would love love LOVE to go to SDCC, and my book/trilogy definitely fits in with the crowd. I’ve got to say, seeing cosplayers of my characters would be unbearably cool 🙂

    I attend anime/comic conventions all the time as a graphic artist, and I’ve already started telling my new and repeat customers about my book (currently out on submission).

    The universal response: “That sounds AWESOME! When is it coming out?”

    Hopefully, very soon…and then I can go to SDCC 😉

  5. Tanya Chamian said:

    Great post. I am a fantasy writer, my husband sells collectibles, both of us would profit from the connections we can make at ts venue. It’s because of your blog and FB postings that we will make this trip to the SDCC soon. Thanks!

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