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2012 Year End Stats!

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STATUS: Off and running. Need to play catch up on everything that wasn’t completed by Dec. 19 when I headed out for winter break. And I’m so close to finishing up the text for the new website so we can finally launch!

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Happy New Year! I hope your 2013 is off to a raucous start!

I’ve got contract work aplenty. Sara has an offer on the table and signed somebody new literally as we were closing. The query inbox is crammed with 341 queries from folks who wanted to send in December but couldn’t because we were closed to queries that month. 

books sold (slightly down from last year).

foreign rights deals done (up from 65 deals last year).

number of new clients (5 for Kristin and 9 for Sara). Updated to 11 for Sara –she signed two authors right as we were closing for the year!

32,000+ or some big number…
estimated number of queries read and responded to. Down from last year as we closed queries in the month of December.

full manuscripts requested and read (up from 69 last year).

number of sample pages requested and read (up from 618 last year).

number of projects currently on submission

tv and major motion picture deals

2.5 million

number of copies in print for my bestselling series this year

1.2 million

number of copies in print for my bestselling title this year


number of copies sold for my bestselling eBook-only title this year

number of conferences attended (8 for Kristin (including BEA and Bologna Book Fair), 1 for Angie, 8 for Anita, and 6 for Sara)

20  Forgot Manga edition of SOULLESS that hit #1! Smacks forehead. so it’s not 19 but 20
number of career NLA New York Times Bestsellers (I actually sat down to count them up. I was surprised it was that many.)

number of books named to Publisher’s Weekly list of top books of the year (that would be Sara’s THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachman this year).

number of physical holiday cards sent

number of electronic holiday cards sent

Uh, 30?

number of eggnog chai consumed in the months of November and December. I’m embarrassed to say.

number of late nights reading on my living room chaise with Chutney

number of great days loving my job

18 Responses

  1. Lady Esther said:

    When you see it on paper, or blog, it seems impressive and overwhelming. I’m definitely not a list sort of gal. I love details yet recently want just the cliff notes.

  2. JeffO said:

    Wait, so if my math is correct, you’re getting 2600+ queries per month? Wow.

    It’s always interesting to see these numbers, thanks for sharing them. Seems like it was a pretty good year for you, congratulations!

  3. Rosie Pova said:

    And even after all that you still found the time and energy to keep track of the stats on all that! :)Congratulations on all the success and work well done! Cheers to a New Amazing Year . . . slightly less eggnog chai maybe?

  4. Alaina said:

    Thanks for posting these stats. As an unpublished writer, it helps me to at least know what sort of leap I made, since I’m in the ‘sample page requests’ 9835category now. (Not from you, but still. I can measure my improvement somehow!)

    And that is seriously impressive. Wow. You must work a /lot/.

  5. Pamela Cayne said:

    As an attendee of your fantastic ‘Show Me the Money: The Anatomy of $ in a Book Deal’ webinar, I think you should have that on there as well. Sure, only one would be listed for 2012, but hopefully a few more for 2013!

  6. Out Here in My World said:

    Eggnog chai… how did I not try one? I stopped counting all salted caramel coffees I consumed. Practice, followed by late night writing equals, holy crap I need more sugar and caffeine.

    Congratulations on an amazing year and here’s a toast to an even more successful one in 2013.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Anonymous said:

    This is so inspiring for all over us writers that is scared to submit our work. This shows how much you care. Thanks. Maybe I will send my work this year.

  8. Zoe said:

    Since you and Sara took on 16 clients and had roughly 32k queries… That’s 0.05% of prospective clients accepted. God…