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  1. Waugh Wright said:

    That was one of the most interesting videos I’ve seen in a long time. And such a great example of how important it is for an author to embrace the emerging technologies.

  2. Regibald Inkling said:

    Truly, I appreciate the advice on building an audience and how to continue momentum with that audience. As I pursue the potential of self-publishing, it is best to have a good understanding of what the successful ones have done.

    I have more.

  3. Robert Michael said:

    Thanks! I will start watching the meta-data tags more. I have tweaked my first book meta data, but not the 2nd. I never thought of entering a competing author’s name in as a meta data. Good thoughts. Great video.

  4. Minx Malone said:

    Yes, most of us who self-publish have learned the power of metadata. Readers can’t enjoy your work if they can’t find it.

    I know metadata can improve your rankings drastically. I changed some of mine last week and hit the Nook Top 100 for the first time ever, peaking at #4.

    However, just be aware that it’s against Amazon’s TOS to enter another author’s name or book title in your metadata. If they feel your metadata is misleading in any way you will receive a VERY scary email from the KDP compliance team.

  5. Marlo Berliner said:

    Excellent post! Thank you so much for sharing this explanation of the impact of meta-data. Ever since I heard about your comment the other day in a summary about DBW, I was wondering exactly what you had meant. Now, I know!

  6. callmebecks said:

    This is such smart advice. I worked in advertising SEO for awhile, and metadata/keyterms were HUGE. Researching what keyterms were hot, tweaking and angling all the time to hit high in the search results. It didn’t occur to me then that this would be useful in publishing down the road, but your example shows just how big a deal it is in every marketing arena.

    1. Heather Moore said:

      I don’t know why Amazon took down tags on the purchase page, but you can still enter “categories” when you are in the KDP editing pages. I tweaked mine about a week ago, and hit several Top 100 lists the next day.

  7. The Pen and Ink Blog said:

    Really great detective work. I love it. How can you see your meta data tags Barnes and Noble? Also How can you see other peoples meta tags? I would love to know.
    Susan at Pen and Ink

  8. Stephanie Nash said:

    This article was incredible. I had never even considered self-publishing digitally before, and I didn’t want to pay someone to publish my books for me because of the negative stigma attached to self-published writers. Whether right or wrong, admit it folks, there is a stigma. I am still going to submit to agents, but if I don’t receive any feedback soon, I will research the heck out of e-books, self-publishing and promotion, and metadata……..

    1. Lois Reddick said:

      I am in the process of publishing my first book, learning as I go. what advice do you have for new writer to the market trying to get a book published.

      in reading some of the comments here leaves me inspired.
      thank you