Pub Rants

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  1. May Myers said:

    Kristin, what are your thoughts on hiring an agent as a self-published author? I’ve seen a couple blog entries around stating that it’s worth it.

  2. Rebecca said:

    This is interesting. I know publishing is a business, and as such this makes sense marketing wise that social media exposure can be a selling point for authors.

  3. Terry Spear said:

    I do, but it’s also to see what works in the line of promotions and what doesn’t at any given time.

    It’s a great motivation to write another book also!

  4. Agluppos said:

    I had to start using Excel, but I have these tabs:

    1. marketing – where I have advertised / talked about /linked the book.
    2. List of libraries I have told about the book(s).
    3. Most important, full list of my books and all the detailed info about them, isbn, page counts and so on.

    (No, I don’t have much in English yet but the more in my mother language).