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And incidentally, my birthday! If you haven’t got plans on Tuesday, April 23, come join the gals of NLA at Skyline Park on the 16th Street Mall of Downtown Denver. We’ll be talking to passerby’s, reluctant readers, and giving away two very cool books.

Last night my husband says to me, “I’m a reluctant reader. Can I get a copy of Good Omens?” I replied, “it’s true you are a reluctant reader but you can afford to buy a copy so no, you don’t get one.”

I know! I’m tough. No nepotism people!


GoodOmens PhantomTollBooth

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3 Responses

  1. Becki said:

    Oh my gosh, I love the Phantom Tollbooth! It was one of my favorite childhood books. My copy is worn and loved. 🙂

    This sounds fun! If I’m off that night, I may try to mosey on over!

    1. Jennifer Waller said:

      Good Omens happens to be one absolutely hilarious read. At one point I owned 2 copies… then I lent them to friends. Now I own 0 again, the friends loved it just as much as I do.

      I can’t recommend it highly enough.