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Oh it’s happening – despite the fact it’s 25 degrees out right now and we will all be bundled to the max and unrecognizable. LOL. Last year it was 82 degrees on this date. Oh fickle Mother Nature.

We’ll be celebrating World Book Night as promised but instead of being at Skyline Park and 16th street, we’ll be on Wynkoop near Coors Field. There is a Rockies game scheduled and I’m betting that if you are a diehard enough fan to sit outside in 25 degree weather to watch a game, you might be a reluctant reader. Besides, kids will be there!

With the minimal foot traffic along the mall we are likely to get because of weather tonight, we’ll hedge our bets. So come join us. Bring Hot Cocoa and say hello! Just look for the banner. And notice that I’m wearing Rockies colors.


KN & WorldBookNight-Poster

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