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2013 Year End Stats!

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I’d like to cordially welcome you to the new year! Out with the old and in with the new but before we move on, I know readers love to get the tally of our end-of-year statistics. This went out to our eNewsletter readers first but for the archives, here’s the list.


books sold (up from 33 last year).

foreign rights deals done (way up from 83 last year—holy cow!).

number of new clients (down from 16 total last year: 3 for Kristin and 4 for Sara).

35,000+ or some big number…
estimated number of queries read and responded to. Down from last year as we closed queries in the month of December.

full manuscripts requested and read (down from 81 last year).

number of sample pages requested and read (down from 1029 last year).

number of projects currently on submission

tv and major motion picture deals – Kristin

2.8+ million
number of copies in print/sold for my bestselling long-running series this year

1.5+ million
number of copies in print/sold for my bestselling indvidual title

1.6+ million
number of copies sold for my bestselling hybrid author

3+ million
number of ebooks sold for my bestselling Indie-only publishing author

number of of copies in print/sold for my bestselling debut series

number of of copies in print/sold for Sara’s bestselling author

number of conferences attended — 6 for Kristin (which includes Digital Book World, BEA and Frankfurt Book Fair), 5 for Sara, 2 for Anita.

number of Kristin’s career New York Times Bestsellers (up from 20 just last year). I did 11 more in 2013 alone. Wowza!

total number of New York Times Bestsellers for NLA as an agency (Sara had her very first with Jason Hough’s THE DARWIN ELEVATOR this summer. Woot!)

number of  consecutive weeks on the NYT bestseller list for a Kristin author

number of physical holiday cards sent

number of electronic holiday cards sent

Not telling it’s so embarrassing
number of eggnog chai consumed in the months of November and December.

number of late nights reading on my living room chaise with Chutney

number of great days loving my job

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