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S&S finalizes agreement with Amazon

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This went out on the wire late last night. Carolyn Reidy has finalized S&S’s agreement with Amazon. Yes, the same agreement Hachette has been at loggerheads with Amazon for months now. So what is S&S okay with that Hachette isn’t? That’s a very good question….

S&S - Amazon Agreement




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  1. JOHN T SHEA said:

    “We are very happy with this agreements as it is economically advantageous for both Simon & Schuster and its authors and maintains the author’s share of income generated from eBook sales.”

    An ambiguous sentence. Do they mean the author’s share of overall eBook income or of just what S&S get, which would decline if S&S get less than 70%? Big NYC publishers like S&S typically pay the author 25% of what Amazon pays them for the ebook. So if Amazon pay S&S less, S&S would pay the author less, even though the author’s share of S&S’ share remains 25%.