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2014 End-of-Year Stats!

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It’s Jan. 19 in the new year and already I’m slipping on my resolution to blog more. Bad agent.

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It’s that magic time of year when I tally up the numbers and share with everyone Kristin’s Yearly Stats! Last year we reported numbers on the whole agency, but I figured it would be fun to just take a look at my own year in review. Please note that sales figures are approximations rather than exact calculations.



books sold


foreign-rights deals done (down from 128 last year). Twenty-nine were deals made in Asian territories, and the other 70 were for the rest of the world. All 99 foreign-rights deals were done on behalf of 12 of my clients.


new client (I actually wasn’t reading much during 2014 but I’m actively reading in 2015!)


estimated number of queries read and responded to


full manuscripts requested and read (down from 67 last year)


number of sample pages requested and read (down from 972 last year)


number of projects currently on submission


TV and major motion picture deals (I actually did all 6 in November and December!)

3 million+

copies in print/sold for my bestselling long-running series this year

2 million+

copies in print/sold for my bestselling individual title

2.5 million+

copies sold for my bestselling hybrid author

3 million+

ebooks sold for two of my bestselling indie-publishing-only authors.


number of print runs for the longest-selling title


conferences attended (which includes Bologna Book Fair, BEA, and Frankfurt Book Fair)


New York Times bestsellers (up from 31 just last year)


physical holiday cards sent


electronic holiday cards sent

Not telling it’s so embarrassing

number of eggnog chai lattes consumed during November and December


of late nights reading on my living-room chaise with Chutney


great days loving my job!

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  1. Jess R said:

    That’s so fantastic. Love seeing how well you & yours are doing through the years. Keep going strong for 2015!

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