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Q to the twitter and FB brain trust: Why in the world am I receiving queries addressed to Kristen Callihan?

When it first started happening, we all laughed and brushed it off as someone simply misreading the site and since Kristen’s client bio pops up first on the client page, the reader simply confused her name with mine.

But now it’s happening dozens of times a week. I have to think that the contact must simply be listed wrong on some site that references Nelson Literary Agency. I’d love to track it down and get it corrected if my blog readers have any info.

Kristen is greatly flattered that folks think she is a literary agent but she’s definitely not reading our query inbox and so has no reply to offer!

3 Responses

  1. Erica said:

    A quick glance at your site and the only hunch I have is that you currently have :

    “Kristen Callihan’s indie published THE FRIEND ZONE hits the USA Today Bestseller List!”

    on your recent news feed. Next to this blurb is your picture with “about Kristen.” Now if someone clicks the “about Kristen” link, they should see your last name, but the power of suggestion may be enough that some people don’t register it?

    That’s my thought, especially if this is a very new issue.

  2. Lucy said:

    Courtney Miller-Callihan is at Sanford J. Greenburger Assc. I suppose the “brain” of the internet could scramble the three of you some way, but the scramble is possibly new enough that search engines won’t pick it up for a couple of months. ??

  3. Lucy said:

    I’ll just add–if someone searches for “Kristen Callihan Literary Agent,” this is what pops up on DuckDuckGo:

    Kristen Callihan – Nelson Literary Agency☑
    Nelson Literary Agency, 1732 Wazee Street, Suite 207, Denver, CO 80202; 303.292.2805;

    If you don’t read that one tiny thing in the web address that says “/clients/”, it really does look like your author is a queryable agent, particularly if someone doesn’t click the link to read more.