Primo Gallanosa

Picture Book

How They Came to Us

Primo’s other half is none other than Kristin’s client Marie Lu! As it made sense to keep it in the family, Kristin was delighted to represent Primo as her very first (and only!) picture book author/illustrator client.


Primo Gallanosa is an author and illustrator for children’s picture books. He previously worked as an artist for video games, and created and co-owns an award-winning kids app called Pocket Worlds. He has lived in Southern California all his life and attended the prestigious art school, CalArts. He now devotes himself full-time to creating stories. When Primo isn’t drawing, you can find him playing video games, reading a book, or surfing. He lives in Los Angeles with his amazing author wife and two adorable pups. Who Made This Mess? is his debut children’s picture book.

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