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How They Came to Us

As a reminder that any writer can land an agent, Scott simply emailed in his query letter. Literally, one of 150 NLA received that day. In three short weeks, though, he had several offers of representation and Kristin had to jump in and read in a hurry. This was not a hardship as she was hooked by the end of chapter one. A master of pacing, Kristin couldn’t stop reading and by the last page, she threw her hat in the agent ring. So delighted he signed with NLA!


Scott Reintgen is the author of the Nyxia series, as well as Saving Fable. He’s a former teacher in the NC public school system. The birth of his son has convinced him that magic is actually really. Currently, he lives in North Carolina, surviving mostly on cookie dough and the love of his wife, Katie. If you ever have trouble spotting him in a room, he’s the tall one with no hair, and I’d bet you anything he’s halfway through telling someone a story.

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