Pub Rants

The Flipside of the Group Hug

STATUS: Feeling upbeat. How can I not with Mary J on the stereo? I’m working on contracts, which is always labor intensive and detail-oriented. An editor also called to make an offer for one of my projects. What song is playing on the ipod right now? FAMILY AFFAIR by Mary… MORE


Agents In A Big Group Hug?

STATUS: Stir-crazy. It’s really cold here in Denver. Too cold to take Chutney out—even with her little fleece on. She just shivers non-stop. She’s dying to sit on my lap but the rule is, no lap sitting while I’m at my computer. She’s sending kind invitations for me to sit… MORE


Agents In Competition?

STATUS: Snowy, cold day in Denver. Perfect for getting a ton of work done.What song is playing on the ipod right now? I FEEL POSSESSED by Crowded House I had a lot of fun giving a talk at CU-Boulder on Saturday. I had a tough act to follow in Lynda… MORE


Kristin’s Top 10 List

STATUS: Busy. I had two things that absolutely needed to get done today. Good thing I still have until midnight…What song is playing on the ipod right now? WONDER by Natalie Merchant As y’all know, I receive a lot of queries in a single day. I have to read fast… MORE