Pub Rants

I’d Like A Margarita With That

Status: Mildly optimistic! I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would today, and I have the whole weekend to get caught up on my reading. I should be feeling jubilant come Monday.What song is playing on the ipod right now? HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE by Sade Last night I… MORE


Tag! Jenny Bent is it!

Status: Feeling guilty. I only have 70 pages of my client’s manuscript and did I finish that yesterday? No. Too many fires erupted that needed attention. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes standard operating procedure. I do plan to finish up today. Looking good because there were no fires sitting in my email… MORE


We Don’t Represent Screenplays

Status: Crazy! Did I finish the manuscript last night? Nope. I stayed up late but my eyes were cross-eyed after 11 p.m. I have another 50 pages I plan to finish this morning, write up my comments, and shoot to my author. Then I only have two more client fulls… MORE


Tag! I’m it.

Status: I read one client’s full manuscript last night (stayed up late to do it). Then I had to send a huge abject letter of apology to another client because I’m only halfway through her novel and gasp, I’ve had the darn thing for a month. That sounds bad but… MORE


The Pseudonym Out

Status: Happily working—but it’s still early in the day. On my lunch break, I often surf the various blogs I enjoy and a variety of writers discussion forums. I like to see what’s going on, what’s bothering folks. There seems to be a lot of angst swirling around agents who… MORE