Pub Rants

Working for the Weekend

Status: One hour and half before the official start of the weekend. How could I not be happy? I’m not sure why I’m getting excited about this. I always end up working on weekends. I honestly believe that my clients conspire about when they plan to deliver their next manuscripts.… MORE



Status: Tired but elated. In the last two months, I’ve sold 8 books. Today I started negotiations on book 9. As a new agency, it was typical for me to sell 10-15 books in a year (as my client list slowly grew) so this pace in two months means I’ve… MORE


Ode to Youth

Status: Working like crazy on contracts, contracts, and more contracts, which are very time-consuming. It’s great to sell lots of projects. The downside (and it’s not really a downside as you can probably tell) is all the time that now needs to be invested into those contracts. It has consumed… MORE


The Power of Names

Status: Kristin has read and responded to all email queries through Feb. 6, 2006. If you haven’t received a response, it’s not because one wasn’t sent. Reminder: I don’t resend if it bounces back to me. I don’t keep track of changes in email addresses if you have changed yours,… MORE


Following Directions

This rant came on yesterday. It clearly states on my website (and in every listing imaginable where my agency might be featured) that I only take queries by email. I just don’t want to open up a letter and deal with the recycling. Not to mention the cost of printing… MORE