Pub Rants

Revenge For A Bad Childhood?

STATUS: Elated. I finally closed that deal I mentioned last week. Book nine added to the year’s tally. And, I had a GREAT conversation with an editor who called to tell me that Jennifer O’Connell’s debut young adult, PLAN B, is selling like hotcakes (love when I can say that)… MORE


CSS Template Code Success!

Status: I was frazzled until the amazing Ryan Bruner, whom I know from Backspace, came to my rescue. He said, “Kristin, just email me that pesky Blogger template and CSS code. I can do that while eating lunch and leaping tall buildings.” Actually, he didn’t say that but he should… MORE


Not an HTML Master

As you can see, I’m finally fiddling with my template colors to make it match my website. HTML master I am not. It’s still not right and even though I can get it to look right in the preview window when I make the template changes, I can’t seem to… MORE


Contests & Margaritas (Cont.)

Status: Manic Monday. They always are—despite the fact that the weather was all around nasty in Denver and I managed to read all day Saturday and Sunday. I can see the end of the full manuscript tunnel. It’s in sight!What song is playing on the ipod right now? I’LL BE… MORE


I’d Like A Margarita With That

Status: Mildly optimistic! I’ve accomplished more than I thought I would today, and I have the whole weekend to get caught up on my reading. I should be feeling jubilant come Monday.What song is playing on the ipod right now? HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE by Sade Last night I… MORE