Pub Rants

Query Madness (Cont.)

As you guys know, I have A LOT of email queries in my inbox. How can I not rant about this? So, some things that I’m noticing that turn me off. Maybe another agent would dig it but I doubt it. 1. Starting your query with a complaint. I don’t… MORE


What’s in a NO? Nothing.

Today was a holiday at the publishing houses in New York so not much going on in that arena. I had the most amazing weekend at the Landmark Forum. Maybe I’ll talk about it some time but right now I’m still digesting. The best part is that I’m having conversations… MORE


The Pampered Agent

I’m off doing some personal growth today (translation: pedicure followed by a scrumptious massage and then a Bombay Sapphire happy hour with Miss Snark). Ha! Caught you. Miss Snark is in Brooklyn; Agent Kristin is in Denver. You do the geography. Only a Blogosphere happy hour can happen here. But… MORE


The Importance of Leverage

This is definitely a rant-worthy topic. Publishing houses have implemented new corporate policies to pay advances in thirds—a portion of which must now be on publication. The Penguin Group implemented this last year and a recent Random House negotiation showed me that it’s new policy over there as well. It’s… MORE


One Night of Queries

I read 150 email queries last night so I’m a little cross-eyed today. I did take some notes. Out of those 150 queries, about 30 of them were for young adult projects. About every other YA query featured a portal into another world. I kid you not. I said “no”… MORE