Pub Rants

Tag! Jenny Bent is it!

Status: Feeling guilty. I only have 70 pages of my client’s manuscript and did I finish that yesterday? No. Too many fires erupted that needed attention. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes standard operating procedure. I do plan to finish up today. Looking good because there were no fires sitting in my email… MORE


We Don’t Represent Screenplays

Status: Crazy! Did I finish the manuscript last night? Nope. I stayed up late but my eyes were cross-eyed after 11 p.m. I have another 50 pages I plan to finish this morning, write up my comments, and shoot to my author. Then I only have two more client fulls… MORE


Tag! I’m it.

Status: I read one client’s full manuscript last night (stayed up late to do it). Then I had to send a huge abject letter of apology to another client because I’m only halfway through her novel and gasp, I’ve had the darn thing for a month. That sounds bad but… MORE


The Pseudonym Out

Status: Happily working—but it’s still early in the day. On my lunch break, I often surf the various blogs I enjoy and a variety of writers discussion forums. I like to see what’s going on, what’s bothering folks. There seems to be a lot of angst swirling around agents who… MORE


Working for the Weekend

Status: One hour and half before the official start of the weekend. How could I not be happy? I’m not sure why I’m getting excited about this. I always end up working on weekends. I honestly believe that my clients conspire about when they plan to deliver their next manuscripts.… MORE