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Where In the World Was Agent Kristin While on Vacation?

Well I’m happy to tell you! I’ve gathered all the pictures I posted on Twitter and FB and organized them in one handy post with all the locations specified. Thank you for playing along! Pic 1 – Agent Kristin is in Singapore! Pic 2 – Agent Kristin is on the island of Koh Samui in […]

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3 Strategies For Your Post NaNoWriMo Project – From An Agent’s Perspective

You pounded out 50,000 words or more in the month of November. You rocked NaNoWriMo. Huge Congrats! But wait, before you press send, here are three things to consider: Strategy #1: Consider the holidays Don’t send out your novel in the month of December. Put yourself in an agent’s shoes for two seconds. The holidays […]

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#2 Reason I Pass Even If The Writing Is Good

Writers tend to assume that good writing trumps all when it comes to getting an offer of representation. Not true. Here is the #2 reason I will pass on a full manuscript even if the writing itself is stellar (for any of you who don’t read my blog, Pub Rants, see the #1 reason here): Lack of story conflict for the […]

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#1 Reason I Pass Even If The Writing Is Good

I’m not sure this has ever been said aloud…. For submissions, I’m pretty certain that writers assume that if the writing is good, an agent is going to be interested in offering representation to the author. No doubt–good writing is essential but as an agent, I’ve passed on any number of submissions that exhibited some […]

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Three Tips for NaNoWriMo Success: An Agent’s Perspective

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and the TwitterVerse and Blogosphere are alive with advice from writers helping other writers knock it out of the park. There isn’t much I can add there, but I can offer some advice from an agent’s perspective that I think writers will find enormously helpful. So here are three tips that may change how […]

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