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A Very Nice Literary Agent Indulges in Polite Rants About Queries, Writers, and the Publishing Industry

New Article Series: 9 Story Openings To Avoid

By Kristin Nelson & Angie Hodapp Last month, Angie Hodapp and I co-taught an opening-pages workshop at a day-long education event for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. First time ever Angie and I teamed up to hopefully bring wit and wisdom to writers who want to work on craft. We had an absolute blast. We identified several story openings that usually spell […]

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Former Egmont Authors: Check Your Royalty Statements

Publishing is a complex business with a lot of moving parts. Every contract is unique, and most errors we find on royalty statements are caused by data-entry mishaps that occur when contract terms are incorrectly keyed into publishers’ accounting systems. In other words, human error is often the culprit. So I’m going to give Lerner […]

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What Is Your Magic Number?

All aspiring writers want their magic number to be one. The first novel a writer ever wrote is perfect from conception. The first novel lands a literary agent. The first novel is so awesome, it immediately sells at auction. The first novel is published to great fanfare and much commercial success. The dream-come-true of overnight success. Well, I’d like to tell […]

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Why It’s Dangerous To Think That “Diverse Books” is the Latest Hot Trend

Just recently, PW published an article in which agents shared their thoughts on children’s books and YA trends. Although I’m quite tickled that so many agents are seeing lots of submissions featuring diverse characters, it’s dangerous to consider diversity the latest YA trend. I’m sure I’m not the only agent who can say they’ve been repping diverse […]

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Why I Can’t Tweet My Manuscript Wish List

If you’re a writer on Twitter, you probably know that #MSWL is a popular hashtag. It’s how lots of agents and editors broadcast their submission wish lists. I love it! But I can say with complete certainty that I’ll never post a #MSWL list. Why? Simply because I honestly don’t know what I’m looking for until I start […]

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