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A Very Nice Literary Agent Indulges in Polite Rants About Queries, Writers, and the Publishing Industry

Worth The Conference Registration Cost

Last month I gave a webinar on how Digital is rapidly transforming publishing. I love giving this workshop at conferences every chance I get because most writers are completely confused by the stories that are making today’s headlines and how that impacts writers. It’s my chance to really explain all that is going on. Attendees […]

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AMAZON vs HACHETTE – In the Ring!

UPDATED 7-9-2014 The fight continues. Amazon proposes paying authors 100% of the royalties as the dispute continues. Click here for NYT Article. Authors Guild says Amazon’s intention is to pit authors against their publisher. Amazon Proposal Rankles Hachette and Authors. Almost better than an episode of Dynasty!   Original Post: In one corner, we have […]

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Amazon: Hypocrite. Customer is not Always King

One of the reasons why I wanted Hachette to be forthcoming when I started asking about the shipping issues (many moons before the news became public) was because I had already guessed that Amazon was flexing some muscle in a contract negotiation. So confirming it wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t probably already know… But […]

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